First Anniversary – Bits of love, moments of warmth

It felt just weeks ago that we first met but here we are, celebrating our first anniversary together on the 24th April 2017!!! We met each other online and she’s in Sydney while I’m in Adelaide. Days of texting and Facetiming and I finally convinced her to visit me in Ade and we have been in a relationship since.

Adelaide Airport has become one of our homes.

I have to admit keeping the long distance relationship going wasn’t easy and both of us really did put a lot of effort to keep it going initially. The day started off by me calling her, waking her up and we would be on the phone when commuting to work. We would text each other when possible and the phone call would commence again as soon as both of us finish work, finally ending at bedtime. These calls is like a substitute of the actual presence, make us feel like we are actually beside each other, aware of what each other is doing at all times. I remembered our longest phone call was 10 and half hours. We still keep part of the old habit even till today, as I would call her as soon as I finish work and she would keep me company while I drive home.

Cissg finally moving to Adelaide!

Besides calling and texting, we try our best to meet up almost every weekend. We would take turns to fly between Sydney and Adelaide. For some reason we never really felt tired doing so, though I admit the urge to give her a big hug and admiring the smile of her face really played an important role. In fact, we had a conversation about this just days ago, with Cissg wondering as well how did we even manage to do that every week then, and on contrary we feel tired even after an hour’s grocery shopping in Coles these days (Trust me grocery shopping on a Saturday is stressful L ).

When we first got together, we had our differences, ranging from lifestyles, habits and expectations from each other. But as time gradually goes by, our relationship has grown stronger and I have to admit we had somehow adapt to this new life together. To name a few difference, when Cissg first moved into the house she was devastated by how much stuff I have as she prefer a simple and clean lifestyle. Cissg loves everything spicy while I can barely stand mild spiciness, she’s an outgoing person who loves outdoor activities and spend her weekends at the beach while I prefer to chill at home and rest.

The dreaded spicy food!!!! Cissg’s favourite though

These days we are so used of each other’s presence and company, doing almost everything together. I suppose she’s my centre of life now, with my daily routine sounding like work > home with Cissg > sleep. I am grateful to have her in my life, she’s taken care of me well even though I never said it out loud but I do appreciate everything she has done for me. (hearts and kisses). Everyday when I got home from work, dinner is almost ready. I haven’t done much laundry or ironing these days as she has sorted them all out during the day. The house is always clean and tidy and everything felt perfect although occasionally she would scream at me for not putting things back to where they were after I used them (shrugs, sorry babe I will remember it next time T_T ).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Me, Cissg and Momo celebrating my birthday!

I know it wasn’t an easy decision for Cissg when she first decided to move to Adelaide. In fact I know that would never have crossed her mind if we were not together. Timing then was really good as she had just graduated her Master degree and it was actually possible for her to move to Adelaide. We did talk about possibility of me moving to Sydney but we could not afford the high property cost. I admit she made a huge commitment and sacrifices by coming to Adelaide. She had to leave her friends, her familiar city and her beloved restaurants to a ‘countryside’ style Adelaide. She have no friends or family in Adelaide and all she has is me and Momo. The biggest upset for Cissg is the fact Adelaide’s Chinese food is not as good as Sydney’s and till now we haven’t found one restaurant that she really likes, thus we rather cook at home than eating out. We are still in the process of exploring the food in Adelaide, hoping one day we would eventually find a restaurant that suits her taste.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset
The look on Cissg when she tried to be angry at the photos I’ve taken.

Ok I have to admit I am somehow jealous of how close Momo becomes with Cissg :/ The truth is that when both me and Cissg shouted ‘Mooooo~~’, Momo will only respond to her! The only time when Momo prioritise me over Cissg is only when I got home from work, where I would have my 30 seconds of glory where Momo would ask me for a hug for about 15 seconds and she would lose interest on me and be on her merry way again. I can’t blame Momo, as Cissg is actually the person who accompanies her most of the day, the person who feeds her, and the one who always fight for Momo’s right to go out for a walk (I’m usually too lazy to do so). You may think well what do I do for Momo then, well she treats me as her play buddy and the only time when she approach me is when she has a toy or ball in her mouth. I’m actually relieved that I know these two can keep each other company at home when I am at work and their relationship is as strong as ever.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Momo’s visit to Glenelg~
Processed with VSCO with h6 preset
Momo: Ah well if you guys can’t take a good photo then I’m off to sleep!

In the last 12 months we had travelled to quite a few places together. Our first overseas trip was to Fiji, which was AWESOME! We have also been to Melbourne to pick up my car and drove all the way back to Adelaide. We had our first camping experience in Innes National Park down at Yorkes Peninsula, and even visited Kangaroo Island last month, both which I had not visited before even though I had been in South Australia for more than a decade. She was shocked to find that out but as I said earlier, I’m a hermit. I do like travelling but that is solely restricted to cities and convenience, not road trips. We spent our first Christmas together in Tasmania with my parents, and Chinese New Year in Malaysia and China, where I got to meet with her family.

Our first honeymoon~~ Fiji!!!!!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Cissg: I shall stay behind you during photoshoots so I look skinnier.

Well, this is it for now! I know we still have a lot of adventures waiting for us in future and it is worth anticipating for. Cissg sometimes moan that our life now is totally boring and unexciting but I know she is happy that we are side by side each other….well that’s what I think she feels (I hope). We will continue to update this blog for all of our daily bits and pieces and stay tune for our next article about Kangaroo Island!

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset
Another family photoshoot during our first anniversary~


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